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Contact Us



Tel: 86-(0)571-86944500

Fax: 86-(0)571-86944497 

Email: zhinstrument@hotmail.com









About Us


杭州振华 (全称“杭州振华仪表有限公司”)是一家集电磁流量计研发、生产、销售于一体的国家级高新技术企业。



Hangzhou ZhenHua Instrument Co.,Ltd founded in 1985. we have been the manufacturer of flowmeter 30 years. And we are the first manufacturer of electromagnetic flowmeter in China. 

Our company is a specialized manufacturer of various types of flow meters such as electromagnetic flowmeters, vortex flowmeters, metal tube rotameter, ultrasonic flowmeters, turbine flowmeter, also sales and service of liquid level, pressure and temperature. 

Our business are established on the basis of high quality, good price and honest. All the customers will have our best services and share the most reasonable prices. We have very good cooperation with many enterprises in domestic and abroad. Now our products not only sale on the market of China, but also export to USA, Europe and other Asian countries, etc.  

Our company has a staff stability and experienced technical service team, more than 70% of staff have ten years of experience of instrumentation application, providing customers with a service guarantee.

If you are interested in any items, or your customers require to fill, you can contact us directly. Thank you for visiting our website and we welcome the business discussion through either telephone or fax.

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